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Video Surveillance Systems

Telephone or email us for advice on any Video Surveillance System (previously referred to as a CCTV system).  We can help regardless of whether you are merely considering a system or have already decided you would like one installed. There are numerous options and we can take the guesswork out of what will best meet your needs. We are here to help.


Your system might be to act as a deterent to make your property less appealing as a target.

You may wish to have a number of cameras installed with alerts sent to your mobile phone notifying you of activity in a specific area after a given time of day.


You may wish to have a camera set up alongside a sounder that can relay a pre-recorded message to a would be intruder, or to prevent a theft from a parked vehicle if an area is penetrated after a certain time of day.


You may wish to have a camera set with a speaker attached and an alert set up in an area at a given time, through which you can talk directly to a would be intruder or thief to warn them that they have been detected, they are being monitored, recorded and the Police have been notified and are on their way.


There are many options that really can help protect assests that are important to you. We can visit your property to conduct a brief survey, discuss requirements and then provide options and prices to meet your needs.

Make sure any installer you use has been accredited with a security industry approved body and is up to speed with the VSS code of practice and all GDPR for operating a system legally or you risk either not being insured or at risk of hefty fines.



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Door Entry and Door Access Systems

Whether you are a home owner looking for a solution to improve security in your house or a business manager looking to improve security on your premises we have solutions for all budgets.


In a business surveillance starts with access control. Who should have access to where and when? We provide systems including road barriers, turnstiles, bollards, fob access, coded keypad access, video door entry systems. 


In a home you should feel welcome and relaxed with your loved ones. We provide systems for garage door automation to gain access without the need to leave your car, or an intercom system that allows you control over who can enter your home, with you in control of the equiment from anywhere you may be.


Door entry systems enable visitors to be monitored and verified before permission to enter is granted. An entry panel can have numerous call options, ideal for businessess with numerous departments or divisions or for shared blocks of flats.



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Automated Gate Systems

With over 25 years experience we are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of automated gates, barriers, bollards and garage doors.


Whether you are a home owner or a business manager we have automated gate solutions for electric swing gates, electric sliding gates, metal gates and timber gates of all sizes and designs to suit all budgets and requirements.


If your gate is faulty, get in touch we can assist. If you are looking for advice or a quotation for a new gate system telephone us or send us an email. We will ensure that your gate will be safe for all uses and meets all current machinery directive guidelines.


An automated gate is a good investment. We can help protect your investment with repairs and maintenance visits. We look forward to working with you.


Contact our office today to make an appointment for one of our Surveyors to come round, discuss your requirements and to supply you with options to meet your needs.



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